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Believing in the power of the arts to transform lives, Castaway makes performing, creative and training opportunities for adults and young people with learning and physical disabilities and autistic spectrum conditions.
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Castaway Music Theatre is an arts charity based in Goole, East Yorkshire, creating life-changing opportunities for young people and adults with learning and physical disabilities, autism conditions and mental health difficulties. We offer weekly performing, training, educational and recreational opportunities in music, drama, contemporary dance, film and multimedia, led by professional artists working with participants from the 360° surrounding rural areas and across the region.  
Together we aim to make exceptional new work for audiences across the region through wide-ranging and adventurous partnerships and projects

Wherever you start and whatever you bring, we make time and creative opportunities throughout the organisation for people to develop as artists and link to and engage with the wider arts world and local community. 


Our volunteers are a key part of all we do, contributing support and a wider dimension that makes so much more possible.

Castaway has a strong reputation for artistic quality


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