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Castaway Sing Fundraiser

Castaway Sing are raising funds for their next music video 'From Now On' from The Greatest Showman. Covid-19 and the national lockdowns have meant that the Castaway Sing sessions have taken place on zoom every Friday morning which has provided a great opportunity for the group members to see each other and sing in the virtual world. However, this is not the same as singing in person and hearing everyone's voices together. Creating videos provides a fantastic platform and collaborative opportunity to feel a sense of being a choir again, to ease the isolation they have felt as they have not being able to meet in person. Singing helps with the groups mental health and gives a sense of wellbeing and purpose. Our members have learnt so many skills in technology during lockdown, skills that they are now putting to good use by learning new songs and how to use various recording devices, which are then put together professionally to create a fantastic piece of work, which they are all extremely proud of. It has given them such a sense of purpose, please help them to continue with their work by donating whatever you

Our funds are normally raised from tombolas, raffles and concerts throughout the year. Covid has stopped this, so we need your help to raise these vital funds and enable us to achieve our next video. All the learning, recording, filming and editing will take place over the summer term

We know the year has been tough on everyone so any amount you are able to donate will be gratefully received. Thank you.

You can Donate through our Just Giving page.

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