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Creative Transitions Outreach Film Trailer

From September 2021 to October 2021 the Creative Transitions team spent time in Beverley hosting a series of film and music workshops at Parkway Cinema for young people aged 16-25 years with additional needs. Young people came together to have fun, gain confidence, make friendships, develop leadership and arts skills.

Our CT Beverley group made the film trailer below - writing the script, developing characters, directing, filming and composing. The end result is pretty amazing and something everyone can be proud of.

"Isaac really enjoyed being part of that group and the experience he had there. We really hope that castaway may do more acting in Beverley again."

Beverley Film and Music Outreach Tasters, 2021- parent feedback

"I have really enjoyed meeting up with new people and making friends. I liked making the film trailer and using my creative ideas."

Fiona "I loved it and would like to do it again." Isaac, Beverely Film and Music Outreach Tasters 2021

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