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As part of Creative Transition's move to online sessions, we have been able to offer our young participants individual arts award sessions to help develop their already existing work or to start a brand new arts award online.

One of our members, Linden, decided he'd like to do an Explore level Arts Award after having previously attended the Creative transition group sessions when we were able to meet face to face in October 2020. In doing his Arts Award online, Linden was able to independently research an Artist he loves, Michael Jackson as well as theatre venues in the region. The Arts Awards Advisors at Castaway were able to support him with this by setting up an email interview with the General Manager and Producer, Sue Kirkman at East Riding Theatre in Beverley who was able to provide information about how the theatre runs both before and during lockdown which was included in Linden's Arts Award.

When writing about an art form he had taken part in, Linden chose to discuss the last project he did within the Creative Transitions group back at Castaway where the group learned about a camera technique called 'In Camera Transitions' in which the transition between each shot is done by the movement of the camera itself. The young people then made a short film together using this technique which can be watched here.

Whilst running online Castaway leaders were able to facilitate and organise artists to visit Linden's Arts Award sessions including Film Makers/Photographers Aimee Bant and Katie Harriman from Fly Girl films as well as Professional Railway Photographer and Actor, Jack Boskett to talk to Linden about their carers as well as offering him advice and guidance on pursuing his own interest in film and photography.

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