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Meet Fiona

We have loved running our Creative Transitions tasters in Beverley at Parkway Cinema. We have been able to meet some fantastic young people and learn more about their interests, skills and plans for the future.

One of those young people is Fiona. Fiona volunteered to take part in a mini-interview for our blog, answering questions related to our Beverley sessions and her plans for the future. Her responses are below.

Fiona's Interview:

Why did you want to take part in the Beverley Creative Transitions tasters?

I love dance and drama and wanted to see what it was like because people at school say Castaway is really good.

Had you done anything in the arts before?

Yes, outside of school I used to go to a drama class in Beverley.

What have you enjoyed about the tasters?

I have really enjoyed meeting up with new people and making friends. I liked making the film trailer and using my creative ideas.

Would you like to continue to do arts activities when the tasters finish?

I will probably join the other Castaway music group coming to Beverley.

What are your plans for the future (e.g. after school)?

I want to go to college to study animal care. I want to continue with groups outside of college to help with social anxiety and becoming more confident around others.


Thank you to Fiona and all of the young people for their fantastic contributions. We wish you well and look forward to seeing you soon!

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